What is this?

Hello, my name is Scotto and I’m a blog addict.

As far back as I can remember I’ve used the internet to put words out into the world. I started probably way earlier than anyone should be online and certainly not at an age where I had anything to say. Of course, arguably at 34 I still don’t have anything to say, but I digress. I can’t seem to stop… starting blogs.

It’s a pattern: I get an idea, I get some energy, I start blogging, write a few amusing posts about entertainment, the world and myself and then… it disappears. I move on.

Years and years and years ago I thought of myself as potentially developing a brand. But the truth is — one of many truths — I’m just a dude. I’m not a brand, not a tastemaker, not really a point of fascination for anybody. I like to write when I have time, I get ideas for things to write, and if people still read and they want to, that’s great.

I can’t seem to re-wire my brain away from generating post ideas, though. They won’t leave me alone. I don’t even know if they’re any good because I haven’t tried to write them. I’m trying to quit, but it’s either pay for a URL that I do nothing with, or give it up and let someone else snake my hard-built online persona.

I’m going to write here from time to time. After I do, maybe I’ll link to it on Facebook or Twitter and get like 5 readers there. Maybe I won’t feel the need. Maybe I will go months without posting anything — maybe even right after this post! It could even be years! But I’m going to try not to consider that a failure, and if this intermittent dumping ground for my thoughts becomes something, or doesn’t I won’t care. I will try not to care. I will actively work not to let it bother me.

Cheers to that and keep on rockin’


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